Let’s talk about coffee!


Good Morning friends and Happy FRIDAY! I know for me it wouldn’t be happy without my delicious coffee in the morning! Could you survive without coffee? Sounds a little dramatic I know. (lol) I LOVE the smell of fresh coffee as soon as I wake up in the morning. I usually drink the typical Maxwell House, but some of my favorites are EIGHT O’CLOCK COFFEE, I love the whole bean kind that you grind yourself (yummy!) Another favorite is DUNKIN DONUTS, it’s heavenly. What is your favorite kind of coffee? Here is a list of the best coffee home brews put to the vote found at:  https://www.aol.com

  • 10.  Cafe Bustelo-A 10 oz. package can cost as low as $1.99 in the US
  • 9.  Newman’s Special Blend-10 oz. runs about $7.50
  • 8.  Jamaican Blue Moon-The retail price in the US can run up to $30.00 per pound
  • 7.  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters-10 oz. ranges $6.50-$8.00
  • 6.  Chock Full O’Nuts-$2.99 for a 13 oz. can
  • 5.  Kona-$30.00 per pound
  • 4.  Gevalia-An online/mail order service Gevalia’s longstanding introductory offer for a quality coffeemaker and two bags of premium beans for $10.00 earns consumer      praise
  • 3.  Eight O’Clock-Today it is the third largest coffee brand by volume and belongs to the Tata Group, India’s largest conglomerate
  • 2.  Maxwell House
  • 1.  Folgers-the nations leading brand of coffee is also the preferred home brew of AOL users poll.  Folgers coffee can be traced back to the beginning of retail coffee and            commercial roasters.

So, there you have it.  That completes the list of best coffee home brews found at:  https://www.aol.com

Do you agree with the list?  Personally, I would not have chosen Folgers for number one.  My number one choice out of the brands listed above is by far Eight O’Clock coffee.  It’s truly devine.  😉

I can honestly say that as long as I have some kind of coffee especially in the mornings, I’m ok.  If I have to go without coffee, it’s a VERY scary situation and a VERY scary Erica. lol!

I hope you enjoyed the list.  Have a fabulous day! xoxo Erica